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Clinker (English: Clinker) in the production of Portland cement, grain temperature is seen, usually 3-25 mm (diameter) and by heating limestone and aluminum silicate (clay) occur during the cement kiln .


Cement clinker raw material component of a product and a process, and depending on the type of cement used in the concrete mix. Generally dry cement to two methods are provided. The wet material (clinker) in water are mixed together and Asia and the method of dry material (clinker) and Asia are mixed in the dry state.


For it must be dynamite detonated by limestone crusher for mining and then gradually be crushed. Round Rock Mills shotgun in a slurry of clay are mixed. In this way, Asia, lightly stone fragmentation occurs and becomes rounded and the slurry is directed into special tanks.


This material fused together to form balls the size of 4 to 30 mm are who they say waste incinerators or Clinker.

Clinker samples

Hot clinker


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